Notes to Writer


Don’t compare yourself with other writers. You have your own story of success.


Just because publishers reject your manuscript, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Maybe your writing is just not their type.


Forget about perfection. Writing is about making mistake. Editing is perfecting it.


Careful on making bad comment about other writer’s work. Next time you will be the next target.


Amateur writers give up after rejection. professional writers keep working.


If you can’t feel the emotion of your story, it’s officially failed.


Writing is like knitting. Takes time, takes patience. One great sweater is much better than a dozen of mediocre shawls.


You are writer, so write. Don’t waste your time on babbling about your dream novel.


Enjoy your first published novel. When you don’t have to face readers’ expectation and high-sales ambition. 🙂



Taken from Christian Simamora’s tweets


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